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Pesto Polpo

About 3C of baby octopi -- and yes, I feel a little guilty eating baby genius mollusks
a pint of water

Blanche the baby octopi, leave them in the hot water to finish cooking

When cool enough to handle, cut them up, reserve liquid to boil gnocci

Cut up 1.5 bunches of scallions, small across the length

Wilt scallions in 3-5T of good olive oil

Add chopped octopi

Add a quarter cup of pesto

Boil a pack of potato gnocci in reserved liquid, add compatible stock or just water (I used water, a bit of wine, and leftover 1/2 C of chowder)
Don't boil in as much water as they recommend -- you want them to absorb the water and make a little sauce

When gnocci are well past al dente and into the gooey stage, drain a bit, and dump into the pan with all the rest


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