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Vocabulary of the Day: Interictal

I suspect from how I feel today that I was seizing in my sleep last night.  The period between seizures (which for me is probably well over 99% of the time) is called the interictal period.  As long as I'm on the dopaminergics I can deal with the feeling of my brain being full of cotton wool and sludge is something I can muscle through, whereas without the dopaminergics, regardless of the seizures, I tend to stop moving.  Meh, cotton wool is too pedestrian.  My brain:  the image of a moldy pink and white sponge sitting on the sink of an abandoned cabin, with the sink having gone drip drip drip for years without anyone there to turn it off.  For most of a year.  And then you walk in and it's the only thing you have to work with -- it ain't going to clean much.

Yet, life goes on.  I applied for some jobs, got a new social media all-but-contract (this is to say, it's at the handshake stage now), wrote some here and also on a fiction project that will probably never see the light of day, cooked a new year's dinner that was...well, passable but not my best.  I took care of the kid, who pinched a nerve last night, Fish has been feeling awful so I've been doing bits of both of their stuff, and my mom is being

I am about to fire up Lord of the Rings Online, and pretend I don't have more stuff to do.

I told my kinship (what would be a guild if Turbine were more conventional and less preciousssss) that I wasn't going to accept an officer position until my health was better.  And at the time I told them, that might not happen.  Well, last week I was "installed" as an officer.  I guess I believe I'm better.

I mean, if you can work but it just pisses you off having to deal, trust me, that's better than it's been.

Still, I am going to spend the rest of the evening killing things.
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