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State of the Shava 3/6

So, between ictal events, I'm running at 100%.  Soon I have to decide how much I'm in love with the idea of treating the seizure symptoms rather than just living with the interictal (between seizure times, which are more than 99% - not sure how many sigmas...).  If I'm ok, 99%+ of the time, but the meds are very very very likely to make me non-optimal 100% of the time, it's a harder choice than you might think, to try to get rid of the seizures (remember, these are not grand mal, more like narsty migraines to make a sort of poor analogy).

Because I'm more or less running at former-Shava speed, I'm overcommitting in a big way. 

I'm in the middle to later stages of five job interview processes.  I have a job that isn't paying yet, organizing an online privacy/security consumer advocacy nonprofit based in NYC, which is just at the stage of applying for their 501[c][3], and as yet unfunded (contact me for more info if you know folks who are interested in consumer rights online, as well as provider practices regarding duty to users regarding data backup, data retention, privacy policies, releasing data only on proper law enforcement paperwork and notifying you when they do, and so on).  I'm a little sad that two of the processes may take me and my family to DC or SF, but I need a freakin' job, yo?  And the folks I'm interviewing either place are people who I could make a difference working for...

I am overdue with a paper for New Directions in Folklore on the relationship between myth/folklore structures, subcreative fiction, and transmedia.  (Yes, it's that interesting -- like taking light, breaking it into a zillion colors during the renaissance through the age of reason, turning it all pink during the late 18th and into the 19th C,, putting it through a lens at Tolkien, and then lasing the stuff into a narrowing beam...)

The research I did for the paper has brought me to an entirely disruptive theory regarding media studies, which makes me want to write speculative fiction to illustrate the theory, first time I've felt I wanted to (rather than should be) writing fiction in a long time.  I've got a growing outline, I have characters, and I'm waiting for the characters to tell me plot, while I watch them create scenes with each other.

My prior gaming habit (i.e. spend lots of time with LOTRO becuase I wasn't well enough to do crap) is falling by the wayside, and I am in a position of gaming less than ten hours a week, which I think may be the first time that's true in this century.  Before I got sick, I'd play MMOs or futz around in Second Life in the evenings with Fish.  Now I work a few hours a week in SL, and hardly play LOTRO more than a few hours a week.  I'm probably gaming more on my iphone on the T going from place to place (or waking up in the a.m. before my brain can approach twitter...).

So, I am busy and happy except for the occasional "spell" as the Brits say, and except for the money situation.  This nonprofit gig -- if I don't raise enough money soon enough to avoid taking another job, I'm going to be on their board.  Cool stuff.  I'm having coffee with Lessig soon to get advice and see if we can get him on board/advisory. 

I love saving the world..

Also in this past monthish, my Klout score (twitter influence) topped 50 and is continuing to creep upwards.  Oddly, this is an asset  in some of the job interviews I've had.

I'm also gestating a few blog articles, one of which has to do with how society may change as the minority "I" folks (introverts) start having more cultural reach through the net.

Way too much to think about, way too much to do.  I must be just better, because in general, for the last few years, I couldn't even imagine getting back to this level of brain-play.  Yay!

I need to chase more of you down (at least the local folks) and see you in person.  I said that before, but it's *so* easy for me to come out for things like Arisia, engage in provocative lovely conversations with folks, and then never follow up because, you know, I just tend to stay home... It's like going to work out, I know it's good for me...I like it when I do... 


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